India v South Africa, Group E, Durban, ICC World Twenty20

24th Match, Group E: South Africa v India at Durban - Sep 20, 2007

India 153/5 (20/20 ov) | South Africa 116/9 (19.6/20 ov)
India won by 37 runs
Semi Finals : Sep 22nd Saturday:

New Zealnd v Pakistan ( Cape Town1300 Local, 1100 GMT )
Austraila v India ( Durban 1800 Local, 1600 GMT)

Match Scoreboard and Cricket Videos

South Africa Wickets
Smith Wicket Great catch by Karthik
Gibbs wicket
India Inngings
India Wickets
Rohit Shamra Fifty
Rohith Sharma Sixers
Dhoni Innings
Uthappa boundary & life


kamal said...

This is great match so far.. i hope India will come out winner here..and thanks to you guys for great sound quality

Sandeep.G.R. said...

Hey Thnx for Posting the match here.This is a chance for the people who did not watch the match.